Full Guide: What you NEED to know before you visit New York City

So a lot of you might not know, but I actually lived in New York state for about 10 years. I’d been to New York City when I was about 14, so it’s been about 8 years since I was last there. Plus, I’d never gone on a girl’s trip or been able to go into a city THAT big being over 21. Needless to say, I had way to much to drink. But that’s not what this is about!

New York is such a huge change of pace. I currently live in Boise, ID where life is slow and the people are sweet and everyone is eco-friendly and we’re all a bunch of tree huggers. I just love it here. New York is such a different way of life. Not to say that people there aren’t these things, but everything about Boise is SO different from New York and that’s what I want to share today.

One of the biggest things to know before going to the big apple is that it’s FAST MOVING. And honestly, fast moving is an understatement. There are people every-freaking-where. The subway stops are fast. The coffee and food lines are fast. The people are fast. The cars are fast (and honk a lot). There’s just nothing slow there. Nothing. I mean, talk about a change of pace! They’re not kidding when they say this city never sleeps. You have to be super quick and will be forced to learn to understand the subway map and stops really fast. Seriously, I recommend trying to get your hands on a map before you visit, find out where you’re staying, and plan out a few good routes to go to before you get there because otherwise it’s really going to take time away from your trip just trying to learn what stop to take and get off on and the statement “DANG did we just miss our stop again?! What street are we on now?!” was said too many times on my trip. Learn it, seriously. You will thank yourself later on. Also, download the app on your phone (New York City Subway MTA Map) and you will also not look so touristy. That big paper map made me look like a fool for 4 days.

Something I knew but realized I did NOT know was how stylish every single person there is. When packing, keep that in mind and try to pack your most stylish and “out there” outfits. When we went on our trip in March, it was freezing and I hated myself the whole time and got sick from not bundling up well enough. The winters there are bone chilling and the driest cold ever, so just keep that in mind. Oh, and the summers? Hot and ridiculously humid. Let’s just say, that may or may not be the biggest reason I hated living in New York growing up. Middle school was full of frizzy humid hair days.

What were we talking about? OH, THE FASHION. Seriously, I was jealous of the outfits some of these people were wearing and that everyone was so confident and just looked so good. If there is any place to try out a new style, it’s in New York. Bring your prettiest clothes and doll yourself up a bit. Plus, who doesn’t love to spend a few days in the coolest and most fashionable city ever playing dress-up? Lesson learned for sure.

Now, let’s talk about the people. Living in the east coast compared to the pacific northwest, you will immediately notice the difference in the kind of people you will meet. Remember that thing I said about NYC being fast-paced? People don’t have time to be nice and ask you how your day is going and talk about your dog. Nobody cares. They’re busy. They’re going to work or rushing to a fashion show (I just think everybody goes to fashion shows all the time idk) and they aren’t trying to offend you, so don’t get butt hurt. I’m sensitive so I got butt hurt because I can’t help it, but try not to. 😉 ALTHOUGH, I’m still mad about the guy who yelled at me on the Brooklyn Bridge when I wasN’T EVEN WALKING IN THE BIKE LANE. Ugh, don’t even get me started. He was so mean.

For those of you who have never been to Boise, the food here is pretty good. I really love it here because there aren’t a ton of super popular places to eat that you can get in any city! For the most part, there are only a couple of them and a lot of them are only found in Boise! That’s one thing I absolutely love about this little home, and to be honest, NYC is the same way! There are SO MANY PLACES TO EAT. If you’re looking for some super amazing Italian food, head over to Soho for sure. We went to the most amazing pizza place and had some great wine along with it. I can’t say enough good things about it. And the people here are so knowledgable about food and have experience with real Italian foods. In general, there are so many great places to grab a good bite to eat. We heard amazing things about The Little Prince restaurant, but didn’t get a change to go. I can’t say enough good things about the food in New York City, there is such a huge an amazing variety. We did hit up a few really awesome places though, that is coming soon. 🙂

Speaking of Soho! The shopping here is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I was in actual heaven and spent way too much money. (Not even sorry about it.) You can walk down the streets forever in Soho and barely hit all of the shopping spots. There are so many unique and super cute shops around here. Biggest tip of this post: go to New York with lots and lots of money. Really though… lots of money. Again, so worth it.

Lastly, there are so many beautiful pieces that make up New York. Walk through Central Park and take 237 photos, nobody will judge. Grab your camera and take pictures of the birds or the people walking by, nobody will judge. Walk around in your absolutely craziest outfit, nobody will judge!! The things you see in this city are considered so normal because there is such a huge population and variety of people. There’s so much history and the most amazing museums and sites to see. Plan out your trip really well if you want to make time for everything, though. There’s more to see and experience than you can even imagine. The top of the Empire State Building at sunset? The most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Central Park on the sunniest day: gorgeous. 9/11 memorial? Life changing. I can’t say enough amazing things about this city and how incredibly beautiful it is. I need to stop because I can go on forever. Just enjoy the beauty and take it all in. You’re surrounded by more than you even know.

Moral of the post: I absolutely love New York City and learned so much about what I love and who I am in the shortest and most amazing four days ever. If you’ve never been and you’re not booking a trip, what are you waiting for?!

Have you ever been to New York City? What would you recommend knowing before visiting? I wanna hear your thoughts and tips, too. Comment below and happy traveling!

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