This Shoot Was as Sweet as Honey!

Hey hey from 1950!! I am so happy to write this post to you guys for so many reasons. As many of you have probably seen, I’ve been posting like crazy on Instagram the photos that Miss Randi Jo Sylvester AKA Lemon and Honey Photography and I got to do together! Let me start by saying, she is FANTASTIC. When she reached out to me about doing a fun photoshoot in town before I left to head down to Arizona, I was so excited, honored and honestly SO nervous to do this since it was really my first time. I don’t typically think I’m very photogenic and if I’m being really honest, I’ve been more self conscious about myself lately with so much craziness going on and wasn’t sure how I would feel in front of the camera. She made this whole shoot so professional and extremely fun, I didn’t feel nervous AT ALL once I was there! I couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable photoshoot or better person to work with.

We went to The North End in Boise after shooting back and forth a few ideas between each other. When she asked if I’d like to do a 50’s style shoot at the Goody’s ice cream/soda shop in our small city, I about screamed because I was instantly loving and feeling her vision, too! I should mention I’m not afraid of other people being around or worried about how the people there were staring at what we were doing. We just kept saying during the shoot, “DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM!“. One piece of advice I would give to somebody if you’re doing a first time shoot is to just have fun with it! Who cares what all these people are looking at? You’re going to gain the most fun and awesome shots out of it! All of the above pictures were done around their busiest hours of the day and people were even joking around with us and what we were doing! Totally worth putting yourself out there and gaining some awesome pictures as well. You can thank me later! 😉


This sunflower scene is gorgeous, right? You won’t believe what they actually look like outside of these pictures! (Head to her instagram to check it out, under the “Location” highlight!) Our inspiration here was also going with the 50’s look, with the scarf around the neck and the skirt is fun, too! So simple and so fun to get these images, and standing in a bush of sunflowers? You won’t see me complaining. The strangest locations can turn into some really amazing endings.



These last ones were done at Camel’s Back Park in Boise, ID as well! The sun was setting and we were basically on a hiking and biking trail the whole time, but you can’t even tell! One thing I love about these photos in particular is that the lighting and small editing done here is still so natural looking and that’s exactly what I was hoping for!

If you are in the Boise area and are looking for a good photographer, I would recommend her any day you guys! I don’t have a single complaint, which is hard to find. The pictures speak for themselves! She is incredible, professional, and goes over everything with you ahead of time to make sure you are fully prepared. Not only was this an awesome first experience for me, but overall it’s been fun to make a new friend and really push myself out of my comfort zone, too! My fellow bloggers — what an awesome resource to get some great pictures for you and YOUR blog, too!

Thank you Randi for making this such an awesome experience for me and helping me grow the blog! I can’t thank you enough! 

Can’t get enough? Me neither! To check out Lemon & Honey again, click HERE

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