Neutrogena Light Therapy

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Growing up, I wasn’t ever really taught how to take care of my skin or what is going to make it the best, glowing version of itself it could be. Since I was about 18, I’ve developed a huge interest in figuring this out for myself and absolutely LOVE learning new tips about the best skincare routines and products. I prefer the natural look rather than being covered in makeup, so it’s important for me to feel confident in my own skin.

The Neutrogena Light Therapy pen is one of the BEST acne treatment methods I’ve tried so far. I don’t break out a lot, but I do get the occasional pop up as I’m traveling and being outside so often. Neutrogena has always been my #1 skincare go-to anyway, so when I discovered this light therapy pen as a new solution for a quick fix, I was all for it! To be totally honest with you, I didn’t know how the light therapy was going to work for me, but I was willing to give it a shot because Neutrogena has never let me down with their products.

I wanted to give you guys totally real and unedited photos of the process, which is easier than ever. I had a pimple starting to come in and by the next morning, it was totally gone after only 3 uses. It’s like brushing your teeth — try to use it morning, mid-day, and night.

I’m so ecstatic to see Neutrogena have a product like this without having to apply chemicals to your face, and it’s much more convenient than washing and using other acne treatments to quickly make a pop up disappear! I’m so proud and grateful to have gotten the opportunity to test this out for myself, and share it with all of you. Like I said before, I use most of their products already and this is just the cherry on top of it all!

I wish I would’ve stayed in the same lighting here so you can really see it all in one “view”, but totally failed at that haha sorry guys! The first picture is before I used the light therapy, as it was popping up. The second picture is after my second use, mid day. The last picture is the next morning, after using it three times the day before. Amazing, right?! It’s GONE.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with the light therapy pen, it’s truly everything I could want in a quick fix! Give it a try for yourself! You can find all of their products on Neutrogena’s site — and I promise, you will not regret it! If you’ve used it before, how has it worked for you?

Happy skin-caring! 😉

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