Work With Me

As many of you know, I do network marketing for a luxury hair care line and am living the dream! I get to work from wherever I want, whenever I want and have nothing but freedom. I’ve made incredible friends and found my fellow boss babes, will soon be qualifying for a free Cadillac and a free trip to Cancun. Like, WHAT? I love this company! I swear by their products and mission to help others, and I want to give you the same opportunity to live this life. You are ONE decision away from a completely different life. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me about it! Message me on Facebook, Instagram (@brooketopmiller), or email and I would be happy to call or text you as well. I can’t wait to talk to you more about it!


On another note, if you would like me to review your product, sponsor a giveaway, collaborate or discuss a great deal, please email me! I’d love to discuss working with you! If you are interested in working together in any way, you can contact me at Feel free to email me any questions you might have as well. I respond to emails typically within 24 hours and can’t wait to hear from you! I promote all of my blog posts through social media, resulting in increased opportunities for views.

Brands I’ve worked with so far:

  • Neutrogena
  • Sunice Sunglasses
  • Photage
  • SugarHigh
  • Madera
  • Coffee Over Cardio
  • Clean & Clear